Thursday, September 13, 2012


Masuk kandang kambing mengembekkk!!! Masuk kandang lembu moooo!!!

thats what happens with me and my perfumes ... When i was in the states Ralph Laurens is my fav.

my short hijrah to the middle east i had fall in luv with their range ...

Sajwaa from Ajmal ~ oil perfume and lasting smell but regret they has stopped this range. Have one bottle left. Then there's ...

Sacrifice also from Ajmal sweet smelling favorite .. Alhamdulillah myhoneyLuv stock 3 bottles , huhu

And my new love and very royally bottled ...

ibtisamaat from asgharali ... Uuugghh!!! Love the smell and the packaging ..

InsyaAllah mesti have stocks .... hehe

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