Monday, June 4, 2012

Terrapuri Heritage

Been googling for days where to go for our just 1wk schoolbreak and wanting something different .. Came across and was intrigued with this heritage restoration 17th century Kuala Terengganu houses, this classic wooden chalet/villas via the photos... 'restaurant' on stilts and they got a promotion 3D2N. Looking forward to our adventure .. Not to forget they got wooden tub, huhu ..

TERRAPURI HERITAGE VILLAGE, Setiu Kuala Terengganu ...

Built entirely of Cengal wood (Neobalanocarpus Heimii), the walls, doors, windows and gables consist of separate wood panels which are fitted together using wooden joints held in place by pasak (wooden pegs) from penaga wood. No nails are used, thus the entire structure can be taken apart and reassembled. The house can be easily assembled or dismantled and move from one location to another.

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Location:Setiu Kuala Terengganu