Friday, January 27, 2012

Treasure Hunt ~ cave rush!!

Will there be a treasure hunt!! huhu masyaAllah hanya Allah tahu want runs in his head, our local claiming having secret caves stashed "with gold bars stacked up like a pagoda, millions worth of jades, diamonds and USDs."

There was a recent gold rush in Johor Bharu which end up the government has to spend thousands to repair the road due to worthless digging... Now with the latest news, masyaAllah will everybody be looking for caves and hope will stumble upon this treasure cave??!!

Has everybody go bonkers due to the recession and my2 fil this local has gone crazy to declare 3/4 'of the money in the world belonged to him with hidden treasures in caves'.

this is my cave full of treasure, Allah's creation ... TREASURE HUNT jom!! huhu

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Location:Sg Kantan Kajang

Thursday, January 19, 2012

our tradisi

@Kraftangan Malaysia and waiting for daughter's internship interview. Been years since coming here and theres alot of upgrading and love it. Buses coming in with tourist tho most going up their bus empty handed tho the items such as batiks, mengkuangs sold have class and beautiful.

@the cafeteria - the food is also good as we tried the mee rebus and most important clean.

With its man-made stream, beautiful and serene, love it.

My 2 fil must maintain as this is our culture and seni. Good job Kraftangan Malaysia.

Location:Jalan Conlay, KL

Sunday, January 1, 2012


What's past what's future. What's yesterday what's today?

Yesterday is last year and today??? A NEW YEAR !!!

I do not regret or want to look back for what have or not have done or achieved or not achieve. Hanya bersyukur Allah masih mencintai kami sekeluarga memberi kami peluang dan dua' that this NEW YEAR, masehi tho islamic year Hijri has passed, 1433 AH which falls on 26 November 2011 we will improve and be better person and tingkatkan lagi Iman kita. insyaAllah.


aduih!! Sorry yek if you dont like it, huhu

Ya Allah kami memohon kemaafan dan kesihatan yang kekal baik dalam perkara agama, dunia dan juga akhirat dan supaya saat, minit,jam, hari, bulan dan tahun seterusnya akan lebih baik dan sempurna dari yang lepas. Ameen.

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Location:Kantan Heights