Saturday, May 21, 2011

Understanding Women!!!

received an email this morn from my HoneyLuv titled Finally a book on Understanding Women


a good one !!!



a day after visiting MrVuitton for the second time this month, huhu

Sunday, May 15, 2011

mind ur p's and q's mylil'Princess is maturing!!

Yup !! mind ur p's and q's  when talking to my lil'Princess.  She did told her papa, "Don't  take the bait," her exact word if ada orang nak cuba mengurat , huhu

I was always a little worried of my lil'Princess, who can go without others, likes to day-dream and Doesn't mind being alone as long has she has her laptop, anime and her japanese songs or movie as she admits she likes to daydream but papa says, "melamun" ....

the final of her 9thGrade is just round the corner, so her darah gemuruh has builtup. On the way to her sleep over @Klalifa a half-hour drive, she had a heart to heart talk with papa concerning what to do when she finish school. And as usual being very particular  her WHY??s, NGAPEEE??s Comparing the courses that her brother and sister taking, engineering and multimedia and why so many subjects had to be taken and not straight to the core.

 And the afternoon of 14th May 2011, my 54th birthday, got a message from my lil'Princess, "mama, sorry for saying it late, Happy birthday."masyaAllah !! no words !!

insyAllah and  du'a that she is more matured and can take care of herself and plan her future wisely !!!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

my 54th !!!

May 14, 2011

MasyaAllah, i am touched.  tQ anak2, anak2 saudara, siblings and frenz for all your wishes dan du'a. ALHAMDULILLAAH for His Compassion, Love and endless Rahmah and the years granted. May ALlaah shower all of us with His Rahmah and Mercy. BarakALlaah fiikum

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Daydreaming !!

study says, "People spend almost half of their waking hours thinking about something other than what they're doing, and their daydreaming usually doesn't take them to a happy place. People spend a lot of time with their minds wandering and that seems to be damaging for their happiness."

google pix

Daydreaming !!! good or not depends on individual how you go about ... straying attention usually occurred at work  and most, most happen ketidak kekusyukkan, semasa Solat, masyaAllah ..

The ability to think about other things other than the present is a uniquely human trait, and seems to come with emotional trade-off and such if you are happy your daydreaming should  be as in my much earlier post, Imagination No limits ~ building castle in the air  ...

Well be happy and don't compare with others accomplishment~~ u won't be engulf in unhappiness ...