Monday, May 31, 2010


and a new anticipation and expectation nD should there be everything new2. well "what lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us" - Ralph Waldo Emerson


WhyManShouldCook Pt.2 ..

yESS why man should cook or learn to i.e what better way to prove that you can do whatever 'they' (wifey2) can nd maybe even better, by improving your culinary skills? ... so no excuse for wifey2 not to cook, alas, this reason will backfire as cooking is not me forte.

Man !!! this will give you extra credibility to strut down the supermarket aisles choosing daring products with confidence (?? checkout the hot mamas!! ooohh big NO!NO!) - a feat earlieer impossible for u to pull off ... but guys the achievement is the choosing the food!!! not the hot mamas yaaa, huhu...

Sunday, May 30, 2010


Luckyme, myhoneyLuv luvs cookin .. its his passion beside me, waakahkah. My2fil why man should cook or learn to cook is cuz .. why exercise outdoors or in the gym (which u must be a member .. thats dirham2) when you can break into a sweat at home - right in your own kitchen?? .. added advantage: end up with something to eat at the end of it all, hehe ... beats the purpose of exercising butttt into ur partners luvin comfort, yup yup.. will keep u posted when i got more tips, Happy Cookin Darrrlinnnn ....


WHAT IS THE NAME FOR AN OLD CHICKEN??? myhoneyLuv cooked rendangAyam ... here in AbuDhabi we just get the chicken from the souq but back home oooohh will be heaven, RendangAyam Kampung or "old chicken".. yEss.. what is an old chicken called? could be called a CAPON ??? well a male chickens don't become roosters until they are older. A capon is usually sold when its 7-10 mths old and weighs 1.8kg or so. So could it be called a hen which is an older chicken that is past egg-laying age, tougher and a little scrawnier, but yumyumyum for this yummylicious Rendang Ayam ...


Do you ever question where feelings come from??? ... inplant strong feelings about the concept of "family" ... downMemoryLane ..


Breakfast with frenz@ Firenze Cafe ... and laughs with unsensored ceta2. These are times that we meet to have a pleasureable prokprek. In AbuDhabi we go for english breakfast nd back home kedai mamak lahhh. AbuDhabi do have this parki restaurant but you will be google as u wont see ladies being patron of these cafe. So we will have a quick roti prata nd tehtarik and 15min tops will be leaving the shop unlike these classy cafes prokprek lah no kesah ....

Friday, May 28, 2010


As summer is here in AbuDhabi, it is hot nd dry and for the past wk we have a guest ourpetdHousefly aka mrLalat. we hardly hv the pleasure of its uninvited visit. mrLalat is tOO friendly as it sits on ur face and lips (which is irritating) and on ourmissLappyTop... hovering, maybe lonely coz mrLalat is alone wif no fren, kihkihkih.Cannot zzziiiit with mrSheltox, not at home as we hardly need his service, cannot catch it to ... but easily catch him on camera nd no camera shy, home tame !! mrLalat is nowhere to be seen yesterday nd probably accompanying myhoneyLuv in the kitchen huhu, ... mamaSoffDay. Nd dont see mrLalat 2day tOO, Gud2 and this make me recall our special guest that we had last yr during the winter break, our beautiful mama ....

yESS, mamaMerbok... nestled on top of myhoneyLuv's 5foot thorny cactus. mamaMerbok protecting the 4Lil eggs never leaving its nest nd papaMerbok ?? (not 2sure its the mama or papa protecting the eggs)comes giving food taking tapau the 3day meal. Even in the rakus of hammerring and drilling at the home (renovating in progress) mamaMerbok stays put confidence she is save from the uninvited guest mrKitty, mrBiawak and even from the chinaMan who thinks it is "ong" as she is under the porch, 7foot high above the lantai. Alas, the day has come for them to leave the safety of the nest nd with sooo much tweeting mamaMerbok entice the chicks which only 2 survive to fly. After few clap2 of their weak wings, nd failure to fly, they flew and never turn back... i hope they will return oneday to nest for the next generation .... hopeful..


CreakKnees anyone??? aka Crepitus --- a teaspoon of black sesame seed taken on an empty stomach with cold water nourishes bones and joints.

missing bothU

Only wish that bothU are here to see what become of us, with ur luv and nurture the CUCUs - married and soon to-be mum and dad, graduate as Shafiq nd Dibah just nd the CICITs. "Al Fatihah"